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Looking for qualified help? Performance Electric Company is a fully licensed, full-service electrical contractor specializing in industrial and commercial projects in Northern Nevada. We provide installation, repair and maintenance services for small businesses, retail space, property management other commercial electrical projects. Some of our commercial electrical services include (but are not limited to):

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Bucket Truck & Boom Truck Services
  • Low Voltage Systems/CCTV
  • Certified Fire Alarm Installation
  • Trenching | Cable Plowing |Boring
  • Lighting
  • Electric Motors
  • Green Energy


Our skilled and certified electricians take pride in their work. With over 40 years of experience in a family-owned and operated business, Performance Electric Company supports our Northern Nevada clients and projects, including follow-up maintenance plans and a one year warranty on all materials and labor. 

Our proven experience, track record of excellence and comprehensive knowledge of all things electrical ensures that you know you’re going with the best. We can help you plan, design and execute your next commercial electrical project to comply any and all ordinances in Northern Nevada.

Electrical Wiring

With three generations of experience in electrical contracting services, Performance Electric Company brings a high level of quality to commercial electrical wiring in northern Nevada. We understand that you need the job done right, on time and under budget. Commercial electrical jobs are complex operations that require an eye for detail. Our electricians have the training and skills to tackle any commercial electrical job you have in mind, whether it is upgrading your existing system, planning a new one or simply making repairs.

We provide a number of commercial electrical installation and repair services. Performance Electric Company offers comprehensive commercial electrical solutions including:

  • Bus Duct and power distribution solutions
  • Control box wiring
  • Conduit bending
  • Cable tray and gutter installation, repair and upgrades
  • Fixture, appliance or other apparatus installation, alteration and repair

Performance Electric Company also uses a variety of conduit materials to install and insulate your commercial wiring solution including EMT, PVC, rigid and PVC coated rigid conduits. We will upgrade, repair, replace or install electrical wiring on any structures, new or existing. All of our work also comes with a one year warranty on all materials and labor. Contact us to find out how we can get you on the grid!

Bucket Truck & Boom Truck Services

For those “out of reach” jobs, Performance Electric Company also offers bucket truck electrical services. We own and operate our own boom truck to service and install elevated electrical or aerial areas (up to 50’). These are services we offer to all of our commercial, industrial or residential customers, throughout Washoe County.

Whether installing aerial lighting in Reno or servicing elevated signage in Sparks, Performance Electric Company has got you covered! Especially in the more rural areas of Washoe County, our bucket truck services can save the day by installing or upgrading overhead power wiring and communications infrastructure.

Our boom truck services cater to a wide range of electrical jobs, including:

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Commercial signage installation and repair 
  • Residential electrical fixtures
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerial installations, inspections and repairs
  • Pole lighting
  • Office and industrial park electrical
  • Municipal streetlights
  • Photocells and green energy
  • Security lighting and cameras
  • And more!

Performance Electric Company also uses a variety of conduit materials to install and insulate your industrial wiring solution including EMT, PVC, rigid and PVC coated rigid conduits. We will install, upgrade, repair or replace electrical wiring on new or existing structures. We are as flexible as your electrical wiring needs to be.

Low Voltage Systems

Performance Electric Company is a leading retailer of low voltage systems in Northern Nevada. We help our industrial clients maintain the systems that keep their facilities running. Since 2003 we have installed and serviced the most up-to-date technologies that support your infrastructure. Low voltage systems keep your business going, and Performance Electric Company keeps them working at peak efficiency.

“Low voltage” is a term that applies to any number of systems at your facility. These can include:


  • CATV and SATV systems
  • CCTV – wired and wireless
  • Data networking infrastructure
  • Fiber optic systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Intercom and audio systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Lighting systems
  • Public address systems
  • Security systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Temperature control systems

Low voltage systems are the backbone of your industrial infrastructure, ensuring on-site safety, top-notch surveillance, uninterrupted communications and reliable performance. System integration and current low voltage technologies are important to keep your business competitive. Performance Electric Company applies our comprehensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of low voltage systems services and solutions for industrial facilities in Northern Nevada. We’re not just another franchise, but part of the community for the past 10 years. Don’t trust anyone else to keep you up and running. Call Performance Electric Company first!

Certified Fire Alarm System Installations

When it comes to commercial fire alarm system installation and repairs you want to know it’s done right. You want a trusted professional with the experience and credentials to get it done safely and efficiently. The fire alarm installation technicians at Performance Electric Company are certified and qualified, with a history of quality work.

If a fire breaks out at your commercial space, you need to know that your system is responsive and reliable. Our certified fire alarm installation technicians can complete on-site inspections and testing, identify possible problems, advise on compliance issues, upgrade existing systems, control panels and sensors or install a brand new system for your commercial property. They can insure you have the highest level of protection and complete compliance with fire safety codes. 

We want you to feel protected with your fire alarm system. As a family owned electrical contractor in Northern Nevada for over 10 years, safety has always been one of top priorities. We want you to know that you are covered. Our experience and training ensures that you will be.

As with all of our services, all fire alarm installation materials, parts and labor come with a one year warranty. To have one of our certified fire alarm installation technicians come out for an on-site assessment and inspection, call Performance Electric Company today!

Trenching | Cable Plowing | Boring

Installing new utility cables and electrical wiring is no small feat. Excavation, trenching, plowing and boring these lines takes a high level of skill and knowledge. Performance Electric Company has a long history of excellence in these kinds of jobs in Northern Nevada. Our certified power trench contractors have the equipment and training to properly excavate electrical trenching to your facility. Depending on your location, you have a number of options.

  • Temperature control systems
  • Trenching – a traditional method of burying utility cables when landscaping is not an issue; ideal for deeper excavations; cost effective, efficient and quick.
  • Cable Plowing – an alternate to trenching that utilizes a plow system to excavate and bury cable; ideal for shallower digs; minimal disruption to landscape
  • Directional Boring – The most up-to-date method for burying electrical cable; customizable for variable soil conditions and specific geographical needs; minimal environmental disruption.

Performance Electric Company offers a one year warranty on all our materials and labor involved in a commercial electrical wiring job. Aside from the excavation, we can also handle including cement cutting, compacting, chipping and other related services. We can assess your site and suggest a plan that addresses your unique needs


You need to be seen! Lighting in and around your commercial facility is a key to your success and safety. Different operations and jobs will call for an array of different lighting solutions in your commercial space. Performance Electric Company has been providing commercial lighting solutions in Northern Nevada for over 10 years. We can help you get the job done right, outside, inside, day or night. Our full service options also include a one year warranty on all materials and labor so you can rest easy knowing we will take care of you beyond the installation or repair. 

Our commercial lighting services include:

  • Decorative lighting
  • Drop ceiling lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Integrated lighting systems
  • Landscape lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Pole lights
  • Retail display lighting

If it needs illumination, we can help! Performance Electric Company is with you every step of the way in lighting your commercial space. We are ready to assist you in the planning of any new installation or the upgrade or repair of an existing lighting solution. 

Don’t get left in the dark! Contact the commercial lighting specialists at Performance Electric Company today!

Electric Motors

Performance Electric Company is also your first stop when it comes to electrical motor repairs and installation. Your commercial facility probably has a handful of electric motors that need servicing from time to time. We have the qualifications and expertise to work on any type of electrical motor that you use at your commercial facility.

With over 10 years’ experience, we take pride in our ability to handle any electrician’s job and the excellent quality of our upgrades, repairs and installations. We confidently and competently work on:

  • AC Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Directional Testing
  • Dock Door Motors
  • Generator Repairs
  • Motor Certification
  • Motor Control Cabinets
  • Motor Controls
  • Motor Testing
  • Single Phase Motors
  • Three Phase Motors

All materials and labor from Performance Electric Company comes with a one-year warranty. This is just a part of our dedication to completing your job right the first time. We know that you need an electrician that you can trust and count on to get the job done fast, efficiently and right! We will complete any electrical motor servicing job on time and for the right price.

For the most trusted electric motor repair in Northern Nevada, contact Performance Electric Company!

Green Energy

Today’s conscientious businesses try to find ways to ‘Go Green!’ wherever they can. Besides being popular incentives with the public, responsible and forward-thinking, green energy management solutions can also save you a lot of money! Tax incentives and lower power costs can help decrease you overhead, allowing you to focus more on your commercial business.

Performance Electric Company is ready to be your ‘green partner’ and continue Northern Nevada’s transformation into a Green Energy community. We are on the frontlines of the energy revolution with outside-the-box solutions that will carry your storefront or location into the 21st century and beyond! 

Energy management isn’t an empty promise. Our certified electrical contractors can help you design, install or upgrade green energy systems in your commercial space, including:

  • LED Lighting
  • Photo Controls
  • Remote Lighting Controls
  • Solar Power
  • Timed Lighting Controls
  • Turbine or Wind Power

We want to be your partner and will be with you every step of the way. All parts, materials and labor comes with a one year warranty. Rest assured that Performance Electric Company will be there to take care of any hurdles that get in your way.

Be a leader and innovator. Contact Performance Electric Company to discuss the green energy management solutions we have available.